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Mountainbike Militia T-Shirt

M*M*M* T-Shirts are back! Now you'll be able to impress your friends, pick up chicks, and strike fear into the hearts of all who would oppose your "Right to Ride"!

Ally McBeal look-alike NOT included.
each (free shipping in USA). 

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These are Fruit of the Loom Heavy 100% Cotton Khaki Tees with a  large three color silkscreen design on the back and a small two color logo on the front.
Size:  None--they're all gone!

To get your T-shirt with a credit card use the buttons up top, or......
Get it by sending a check, money order, or unmarked bills to:

Mountainbike Militia T-shirt

Guarantee:   There's not a lot that can go wrong with a T-shirt, but if you've ordered the wrong size, find a defect, or we've somehow screwed up, or you're just a miserable bastard who hates everything, just send the thing back & we'll refund your dough or replace it with no hassles.

You can order with confidence, because all orders are handled by ferretbee.
To view  feedback about on-line transactions with ferretbee you can see profiles on eBay & Amazon

When we ditch enough of these things we're going to get rid of the stupid Netfirms ad-banners, so get two for yourself and one for your mom. You should get one for you dog as well--it's probably why he looks at you funny.

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