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X-treme Snow Trials with ReptarO
As a hard-core member of the Generation-X thrill seekers, ReptarO is always looking for new "X-treme" ways to Mountainbike.  Here he demonstrates his "X-treme" interpretation of a confusing road sign.  Notice the aggressive forward position on the bike--obviously an authentic "X-treme" Mountainbiking move.

(Don't do this!  ReptarO is a highly skilled  unpaid   nonprofessional--no precautions were taken while performing this stunt).

Hmmmm , looks like I could use new brake pads up front.

Boy! I bet I look cool!
Real "X-treme" atheletes can reproduce any of their "X-treme" moves at any time, provided, of course someone is taking their picture
I told you this would happen Hobbes!

One thing is for sure, if you'r a real "X-treme" athelete you will "X-perience" really "X-treme" pain on a regular basis.

Snow Trials
Flip Move

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Why are you wasting your time here?  Go read or something.


For even more "X-treme" Mountainbiking Click Here



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