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Kurt Loheit’s Tool Holder
(Fit’s B.O.B. YAK Trailer)

[Drawing A] [ Drawing B] [ Drawing C]
List of Materials for the tool holder:

1 each --- 13-7/8 x 5-3/4 x 5/8 inch polyethylene sheet or equivalent

1 each --- 15-3/4 x 6 x 5/8 inch polyethylene sheet or equivalent

2 each --- 9-1/2 x x inch C-channel aluminum

2 each --- 13 –1/4 x x inch C-channel aluminum

4 each --- 1-1/2 x inch steel angle brackets

12 each --- No. 8 x 5/8 inch self tapping screws

16 each --- No. 8 x 3/8 inch bolts

16 each --- No. 8 large diameter washers

16 each --- No. 8 nylon lock nuts

4 each --- Cable clamps, 5/8 diameter (metal preferred)

List of tools:

1-1/8 inch diameter hole saw

1-1/2 inch diameter hole saw




Hand drill with No. 8 clearance drill, and No. 8 tap drill bits


  • Side and elevation drawings of the trailer and assembles tool holder are shown in Drawing A.
  • Start by fabricating the tool holder plates ( Drawing B & Drawing C ). The widths may vary from trailer to trailer, so all parts should be fitted before final assembly. (Note: Drawings B & C are large and take a while to load).
  • Cut the aluminum C-channel into the specified lengths.
  • Attach the C-channel to the plates using the self-tapping screws.
  • Drill the clearance holes for the screws going into the C-channel that will hold the angle brackets to the tool plates. Use the No. 8 tap drill and drill only 1/8 to inch deep.
  • Attach the angle brackets to the C-channel using the No. 8 bolts and lock nuts.
  • Once the tool holders are assembled, fit them onto the trailer. Place a Mcleod in the holders to adjust the front holder so that the Mcleod tines straddle the trailer frame. (The rear holder sits all the way to the back of the trailer.)
  • Now mark the C-channel for the location of the cable clamps.
  • Attach the clamps around the trailer frame and screw them into the tool holder.
  • Attach the angle brackets to the trailer, inserting the No. 8 bolts through the brackets and the mesh bottom of the trailer. Use the large diameter washers with lock nuts.
  • Now the tools can be placed in their slots and secured with the 4- point bungee supplied with the trailer.

These instructions and drawings are by  Kurt Loheit and copied from:

USDA Forest Service Technology & Development Program 9823-2812-MTDC

Mountain Bike accessories for Trail Work available free of charge by e-mailing  pubs/wo_mtdc@fs.fed.us

IMBA (International Mountain Bike Association) has a lot of good trail work info. It's the place to go if you're into this stuff.

We have not built this ourselves yet so we can't give it our "Seal of Reproval" yet. If you build it, let us know how it came out.

You can purchase a rack similar to this made by B.O.B from your LBS.. 

We have however used the B.O.B. Yak Trailer for camping, trail maintenance & hauling crap we find on the trail.  We definitely give the YAK our Highest "Seal of Good Stuff Reproval". yakthumlr.jpg (9180 bytes)



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