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Sorry, the Damn Stickers are all Gone

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Mountainbike Militia Stickers

Here's the deal, you get 4 Stickers for 5 bucks, and they look best on clear or light colored surfaces.  [Click Here] for application info.

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These guys are each 2 inches in diameter and are made using a heat transfer process on exterior grade clear vinyl.   What's that mean?  It means you can use 'em on your bike, helmet, forehead, windows, gun stock, etc., and they won't fade or rub off in the elements we all ride in--it's good stuff. 
Guarantee:   There's not a lot that can go wrong with a Sticker, but if we've somehow screwed up, or you're just a miserable bastard who hates everything, just send what's left of 'em back back & we'll replace 'em or refund your dough with no hassles.

You can order with confidence, because all orders are handled by ferretbee.
To view  feedback about on-line transactions with ferretbee you can see profiles on ebay & Amazon

Questions? To email us Click Here.


[Click Here] for application instructions.


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