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This is where we post problems with the site we know about and are working on. If you're having a problem or you find a dead link, broken image, or it's just loading slower than dirt, Click Here to contact us and we'll fix it as soon as we're done terrorizing the local BMXers & damn good & ready.

7-8-2001: All's well except for unruly Pop-ups Stupid Netfirms has added. 

4-8-2000: NS users have reported the Cannibal Page crashes--we will be fixing this problem & revising the site for better NS compatibility. Testing of the new Mirror Site has shown reliability about the same as our current host, so we're not movin' just yet.

3-24-2000: Netfirms has been sucking rotten eggs & the Subversion Site has become slower than dirt & frequently unavailable.   Pack up the plantation--we be movin'.

3-16-2000: Scrolling marquees used on several pages do no work in Netscape.  We are working on a cross-browser fix for this problem.

3-14-2000: The Subversion Site has undergone some major directory overhauling.  If you experience problems not corrected by reloading let us know. Most images have been optimized for faster loading as well.

1-11-2000: Site was down for nearly 3 days due to server problems.  Life on the net's a bitch & so is Hillary.......

1-6-1900: No Apocalypse yet (we're disappointed too).  Due to a non-Y2K compliant attitude we temporarily reverted to our 1900 forebearers;
The Penny-Farthing Appreciation Society.   This lasted for nearly 5 days, then we started to sober up and returned to our politically incorrect ways.  Oh yeah--the server is working' beauty now thanks to the Kanucks at NetFirms.

12-12-99: We are still experiencing intermittent sever problems --especially during heavy traffic times. If images are broken or a page doesn't come up, try reloading once or twice. The Kanucks at Netfirms swear they're working on this, so be patient if it's within your nature.

11-6-99: Having intermittent problems with server. A porn site & a French Java site popped up a couple times instead of MMM site, images are broken (but are OK on Reload). Some pages aren't loading on first try. Guestbook and Message Board work OK now--go figure. Anyone experiencing problems with site should report via e-mail. Gonna kick some Netfirms.com butt if this continues.

10-17-99: Netfirms was down for 1/2 hour. Guestbook and Message Board on Bravenet don't load during peak hours. We are working on our own versions. Most pages have lost the Home Link in the last revision, this will be restored.

10-5-99: Guestbook and Feedback Form(on geocities) are kaput. Working on replacements, and don't worry, all guestbook entries have been saved. Also, we will be picking up the T-shirts tomorrow.

9-19-99: Server seems slow sometimes--checking with provider. If anyone experiences slow downloads let me know the time and date.

9-10-99: E-mail links were screwed up and repaired. Pages jump down past banners on load, let me know if this is good or bad.

9-8-99: Site was down for 4 hrs due to Canadian Government interference. They seem to have backed off for now. Most bugs are gone as well. Guestbook on Y/Geo still sucks.

9-7-99: Moved site from crappy slow geocities, however guestbook and feedback form are still there. Bugs may still be present throughout new site. Must get raid.


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