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*What's New on the Subversion Site*

We've been slacking off Big-time, but here's a rundown.

Updated: 7-8-2M1

  • Now it's easier than ever to purchase M*M*M* T-shirts online, the complicated Amazon Z-shop is gone in favor of CCNowCCNow accepts MC, Visa, Discover, & Amex and of course uses a secure server.

  • MMMmmmmmm the M*M*M* Mantra (not to be confused with the bike made by Klein).




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What's on the the horizon for the M.M.M. Subversion Site (other than the obvious imminent apocalypse) you ask?

The Mountainbike Militiamen Movement Manifesto-- We've said too much already, but this document is in the process of being edited.  It is likely to be the most inflamatory thing we've done so far.

Update: This document has made several editors mad.  Completion date has been set back indefinitely .

The Poor Mountainbiker's Guide to Surviving and Riding the Apocalypse--How to build an arsenal cheap and tough enough out of items commonly found in any bike shop that will keep your "Right to Ride" secure in an increasingly oppressive society. (We're in the process of building prototypes of a giant frame & fork slingshot & a chainring halberd--so stay tuned)

The Angry Beaver Trail is complete and while the location and builders must be kept secret, you'll be able to see all the best parts of this marvel of  urban trail-building.

Boring photos from some of our favorite non-sanctioned rides like Campbell's Ledge, Nay Aug Gorge, #5 Damn, & more!



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