You'll always ride like crap with Crapidfire!

Incredibly Super Big Features!

  • STICKITOYU’s exclusive asymmetrical cold-tuned hyperventilation shifting  system.   Performance enhancing "Smiley" front shift indicator reminds you to grin real wide  allowing more oxygen intake on climbs and more bugs in on descents (insects are a great source of protein & carbohydrate).

  • Exclusive "Look Ma no hands" Dr. Suess "very limited" graphics.

  • Special finish is both theft resistant & dirt concealing.

  • "Collectible" box is a great place to store used energy bar wrappers and partially chewed gum.

Components that make you go Whoo-hoo!!!

Without Crapidfire you might get Rickets!

All STICKITOYU components feature prestressed springs & pivots for a supple "wow it’s already broken  in" feel.

Each STICKITOYU component has received extensive pretesting in our state of the art real world testing facility by qualified durability engineers.

STICKITOYU Inc. will produce a limited number of  Dr. Suess "Special Edition" components, unless more are manufactured.

These are the same shifters used by extremist freedom riders in the "Mountainbike Militiamen Movement".

These parts are just too special to even use.

They have earned the "Mountainbike Militiamen Movement Good Stuff Seal of  Reproval".


  • Biocraze compatible Front Shifter.

  • Eight speed SISSY compatible Rear Shifter.

  • 7 speed compatible Rear Derailleur.

  • Approximate Retail Price; $437.29

When compared head to head against the other "Special Edition" shifters, the Dr. Suess shifters performed in 4 out of 7 categories. Riders said things like "My God!" and "Are these things for real?".  Try them for yourself to experience the Stickitoyu difference.  If you don't agree they are indeed shifters, then sell them to somebody else!  It's just that simple. Remember, we're Stickitoyu because we really do!


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