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"X-treme" Mountainbike Gungolf!

!!! Warning Disclaimer !!! This page is for entertainment purposes only! The Mountianbike Militia does not encourage the unsafe use of firearms for recreational or non-recreational purposes. Laws vary from place to place, but we're pretty sure it's illegal to shoot defensless golf balls or people in most places. Once again we quote ReptarO, "Don't do it". ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ but if you do make sure to wear appropraite eye, ear, nose & throat protection.

That's right GOLF!  Now don't freak out, we at the M*M*M* hate golf just as passionately as any survivalist mountainbiker out there, but this is "X-tremely" different.  Remember kids that "golf" spelled backwards is "flog", and who wouldn't like a nice flog?

Here are the Rules:

  • No Golf Clubs, Golf Courses, Golf Rules, little wooden "tees" & especially No Golf Clothes of any kind!
  • Rifles, handguns, shotguns, etc., are all acceptable "clubs".
  • Golf balls must be used & either found or stolen. 
  • You MUST ride to the X-treme Mountainbike Golf Game on a Mountainbike & carry all your own equipment. 
  • The game is played at any suitable firing range preferably not an authorized "public" range (i.e.: State Game Lands).
  • A "hole" is made by placing a bike part, flag, or any piece of trash in the middle of the range, and there must be between 1 and 23 holes.
  • Each "X-treme Athlete" lines up 2 or 3 balls on the ground about 9.6 yards from the starting point.  Used shotgun shell casings may be used for "tees", but we found this unnecessary.
  • Each "X-treme Athlete" then uses as many rounds of ammunition as possible to get his balls closest to the "hole".  If you've ever played pool it'll help.
  • The game is only over when all the ammunition is gone, all the balls are lost or destroyed, or someone is fatally wounded (it happens, this is "X-treme Golf" after all--they knew the risks).
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Tips for Gun Transport by Bike

Pennsylvania Jeff transports his 22 semi using a handlebar mounted rack, which also works for tools, bats, compound bows, etc.  Normally the gun is broken down & put in a tent bag to be less conspicuous in public, & less likely to catch branches on the trail. Handling is affected, but not problematic.  The rack shown below is a Pack Rack made by All Rite which sells for around $35.  Most local bike shops can easily order it if they don't stock it already, from All Rite or Seattle Bike Supply
Rifle and Creakindale NOT included

All Rite Inc.
2286 Bonanza CL.
South Jordan, UT

or Fax

A skyline shot of Scranton, PA.  The "Garbage Capital" of North America.  At least there's lots of crap to shoot at.
ReptarO prefers to lash his 22 bolt-action to a pack, for that dinosaur tail fashion statement.  It can also be broken down to be more manageable on the trails & less conspicuous to civilization. Civilization---HA!

Remember to read the Warning Disclaimer at the top of this page that says we're not responsible if you get wounded, arrested or killed!!!

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