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Assorted e-bris from proud M*M*M T-shirt owners.
(identities withheld for obvious reasons)

J* wrote:
"Just to let you know, the MMM tshirt made its debut in Moab last week. I wore it everywhere I went and got some really weird stares (totally cool!). It will make its Fruita debut this week and Thanksgiving week is going on tour with me through NorCal and Oregon. Keep up the good work and spreading the good word dude, KEEP SINGLETRACK SINGLE"

E**** from "across-the-pond":
The T-shirt arrived today. Size-PERFECT. It looks really good. I see why you have the 5 star rating in Z-shops.

D** from "The Great White North":
I live in Calgary, Canada.
   On the edge of the Kananaskis.
      Out in front of the RCMP.
         I need burial wear.
            This is perfect.

Please make one of 'em large, and one X-large.  Aw hell, she's a big girl, make 'em both X-large.

Thanks!  The t-shirts are terrific! 

K** in Alabama was skeptical at first...
I would like one of your shirts.  Where do I send a check and who's ass gets kicked if I get ripped off?

The deal has been done.  I have sent you a check for $19.00 ($16 for a size XL shirt and $3 for a contribution to your bizarre organization).   Please include any extras that you may have lying around to include stickers, young girls or State Trooper hats.  I'll wear my new fangled, hi-tech T-shirt only when throwing rocks at cars.

Thanks man. I'm glad I didn't go with the titanium RaceFace BB after all, otherwise I wouldn't have had the cash for a shirt.

.........but eventually came 'round.

Big is in a state of his own.....
i ride much. i ride far. i ride with sleeping bag. i ride with
sleeping bag far.
i big. i xxl
i want buy xxl shirt. where i send check?
i get shirt. i ride apocalypse. i big.

i really want. i sleep in blizzard on beach last night. i think while sleep, i want shirt. i want xxl. i send money. you get check. you clear check. you send shirt. i wear shirt. i not sleep in blizzard on beach no more.
i big.

J**** in MA likes his a little to much......
Got my tshirts. Very quick reliable service. I LOVE them.

P*** from the Lake District in the UK .......
Thanks for T-shirt - it arrived yesterday (took just 5 days!). a perfect fit so I look forward to wearing it around some of our hills here.

Cheers -

D** is pretty sharp
Love the shirt, neighbors think I'm twisted . . . .
Love your site, better than autopsy fotos!!
It's all good!!

Captain Bike just had to have one.....
I generally change my T-shirt every day, but I'm now on my 3rd consecutive day of wearing my new MMM shirt. It's getting a bit grotty...


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