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That wasn't scary at all.

I'm so sorry Mommy.

      The Bridge One Project

!!!!!!Disclaimer!!!!!! The Mountainbike Militiamen Movement Bridge 1 Page is for entertainment purposes only. No claims are being made that this bridge is even marginally safe or this trail legal to ride. They could be--or not--we don't know or claim to know. In the words (and thoughts) of Reptar ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"Don't Do It!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"(but if you do, don't get caught)"~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


This bridge was built on a trail near the outskirts of Rocky Glen (an abandoned burnt out amusement park). It was constructed so riders could avoid wet feet during the colder seasons and because the builders had no chicks and too much free time on their hands .

This bridge is our own special friend.

It was consructed mainly at night using dead or dying trees a few yards away.  The main crossmembers are seated on rock foundation and staked on all sides to hold it in place during spring flooding.  The planks are just logs split in half and nailed in place.   After 18 months of harsh weather it needs two of the less sturdy planks replaced.

Bridges only judge you if you're a crappy rider.

As you can see the bridge is both safe and rideable (see disclaimer on top marquee) as Reptar demonstrates how that 1968 footage of "Sasquatch" was created.  Of course Sasquatch has less fur.

Thiis iiis aaa llliittle bubumpyyyyyy!!!

For real bona-fide expert trail building info visit IMBA


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