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You have found The Mountainbike Militiamen Movement Subversion Site. Here you have access to information you will need to "ride the apocalypse". If you are easily offended, have a weak stomach, or you are a politically correct vegisexual treehugger chi-chi boy technoweenie squid you better go cryin' home right now. This is the Mountainbike Militiamen Movement and we mean to ride even if we have to be mean to ride. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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The grass is always greener on the other side of the millenium.


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* The Mission Statement *
If you are easily offended or afraid of the truth (often the same thing) then you best go away, you’ll only get hurt hanging around here.

The Mountainbike Militiamen Movement was formed by a handful of Mountainbikers from NEPA (North-Eastern Pennsylvania) strictly for their own amusement. Eventually it became a venue to spout off politically incorrect and libertarian rhetoric. Later the original mission expanded and became a force to resist and fight the dark-evil we mountanbikers face in everyday life. Some believe we’re dangerous right-wing militants who preach a scorched earth policy if the bastards won’t let us ride. Others think we’re leftist-liberals hell-bent on a socialist bike wing of government responsible for "Tricycle to Cruiser" entitlements. It has been suggested that this is satiracle—good-natured tongue-in-cheek fun. You may draw your own conclusions, (we know it’ll be difficult for some of you). While the open exchange of ideas is encouraged, the  Mountainbike Militia doesn’t care what anyone else thinks, and those that don’t like it be damned. Now shut up and go for a ride.

The above statement is the earliest M*M*M* document known to exist. It was uncovered in a secret cache along with a 12 gauge shotgun made out of " water pipe and a 2 x 6 sometime in the late 90's.

Scorch the trail if the bastards won't let you ride.


The grass is always greener on the other side of the millenium.


Mountainbike Militia
Got Skull?

Get yours now before we decide to wear them all instead of doing laundry.

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"I was just a puny mortal till I got mine, now I'm a real Captain Big Ring!"


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Mountainbike Militiamen Movement Guestbook

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See what other Mountain Biking Survivalists think & add your 2 cents worth to the M*M*M*'s ranks.

Real names aren't required (actually they are strongly discouraged), but we do appreciate a certain healthy skepticism in our troops.  Add your golden nuggets of wisdom to our treasure chest of knowledge.


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Mountainbike Militiamen Conspiracy Board
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The Conspiracy Board is a forum where mountainbiking survivalists can rant, rave, buy & sell, share ride info, and most importantly, plot against all who would oppose our inalienable   "Right to Ride".

Come and rant with other disgruntled denizens of the mountain biking underworld.




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They say no news is good news, but for the Subversion Site  it's meant broken links (including the forum), no T-shirts, nothing new whatsoever.  Yep, the Movement has been in a crusty cobwwweb stasis cocoon for far too long.  We can only hope our enemies have forgotten about us.......

...anyway, the major links are fixed, a new batch of T-shirts is in, and we're working on a new shopping cart for the T-shirts where you can use a credit card or your  PayPal account.

Remember, keep your chains lubed and your guns loaded, we're all in this together even if we're alone.


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